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6 easy steps to ensure you pass your MOT first time!

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Did you know around 40% of cars and 50% of vans fail their MOT each year, often due to the vehicle user not taking simple measures that will significantly increase the chances of passing first time. Work your way through the following checklist from Kirkhill Auto Services to help you identify obvious potential issues before you bring your car in to our MOT test Centre in Dyce, Aberdeen. You never know - your bank account might thank you for it! When ready you can book your MOT online for prices and availability.

STEP 1 - Check the handbrake

If you have to pull the lever a long way up (i.e. if it clicks too many times), the cable may need adjustment, if you think this could be an issue, let one of our mechanics know in advance as they will be able to take a look and fix this on the day.

STEP 2 - Check your mirrors

Check that your wing mirror and rear view mirror are in good condition. If they are broken seized or cracked, then be sure to replace the mirror glass or the entire mirror if need be.

STEP 3 - Blast the horn

When was the last time you checked your horn? Probably not long ago, if you recently drove round the haudagain roundabout! Nevertheless make sure it works.

STEP 4 - Windscreen washers & Wiper blades

Replace worn wiper blades (they will usually squeak even when wet) and top up your screen wash if it's low.

STEP 5 - Check your Tyres & Lights

Check your car tyres for damage. Did you know? The legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm - although it's better to fit new tyres well before they reach this stage! Check with a tread depth gauge if you have one, they can be purchased relatively cheap. Check that all of your car's external lights are working properly. Your number plates must not be cracked or damaged and all lights must be clean and intact, so give them a good scrub if necessary.

STEP 6 - Seat belts and seats

Often overlooked, it is important to check for any damage, fraying of the seat belts/overall condition. Also ensure that all seats securely lock into position when manoeuvring back and fourth.

All that's left to do now is Book your MOT with one of our ATA-trained MOT testers today who can also carryout a full service of your vehicle at the same time if required. For all prices and availability click on the link to get started! We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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